The 49th Mystic
Beyond the Circle, Book 1 
Welcome to all things Beyond the Circle, a wild journey of discovery set in the worlds of The Circle (Black, Red, White, Green). It doesn't require reading those books, but will add layers of meaning for those who have. Take a deep dive into a nail-biting story that covers two volumes, both delivered in 2018. Continue that journey with a companion book that will blow your mind.

It all begins with The 49th Mystic, a wild quest story that will draw you in and refuse to let you go. 

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"Ted Dekker has written the best book of his career." -Book Fun Magazine
Rise of the Mystics
Beyond the Circle, Book 2 
Release Date: October 2, 2018
The second and final volume in Beyond the Circle releases just 4 months after The 49th Mystic. Although each book ends with a gripping climax, the explosive ending that reveals all is found here, in Rise of the Mystics

If you think you know your own journey through life, think twice. Like Rachelle, we are all on a quest to know love and peace in the midst of a wild, often confusing, always changing life. The final climax is a culmination of every book Ted has ever written. 

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The Way of Love
The greatest discovery Rachelle uncovers in The 49th Mystic and Rise of the Mystics is that there is no fear in love because love holds no record of wrong. But we live in fear all the time--fear of loss, fear that we are failures, fear that others might fail us, fear that we might be wrong, fear that we are a disappointment to God and others. 

So then . . . Do we know love? 

Go beyond the novels and take your own journey through The Five Seals of Truth with this simple, but powerful deep dive into the teachings of Yeshua on the only way to find love and peace in this life. 
Go Behind the Scenes with Ted
Ever wonder how a Dekker story gets made or what goes on in that mind of his? 
One film crew found out and created a five-part video series about it.
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